SCOOP: … and the Restless


If day two was pretty special, that was even surpassed by day three, I suggest.

The More FM Day on the Bay was shifted from its usual mid-week spot to try and garner a larger crowd, and, bolstered by fine weather, it sure did that.

The Birdman entrants were up there with the best, and what a way to climax with the Heaven pantomime and Amber Kinnaird in the white bikini – if judges hadn’t given these entry, complete with a backward somersault from the ubiquitous Regan Pearce, there’d have been a riot.

And how about Lindauer boss Mike Pritchard who gamely took the plunge himself. Somehow the Lindauer girls managed to parade on the diving platform but not get pushed in.

My tip for next time would be to remove one or two of the boats from the jetties to provide more viewing space for spectators.

After the brief spalsh & dash there was the awesome Drag Race which just seems to get better every year even though Mountain Scene boss Richard Tokyo Tamer’ Thomas continues, oh so narrowly, to be bridesmaid – maybe he needs to grow his finger nails.

In view of the festival liquor ban, I liked the teeshirt sported by Nathan Wise, one of the course’s four forerunners – it read, ‘Hide the beer ‘cos the cops are here’.

And I loved veteran AJ Hackett employee Graeme Glass’s moniker, I Lean Both Ways.

I’m sorry I missed the parapenters’ fly-in but I gather that was exceptional – funny how we get calmer weather for this sort of thing than over summer.

My day finished with the absolutely superb Lynch Mob performing The Dark Side of the Moon in the Memorial Hall to a capacity crowd of 500 – an ‘off’Broadway’ festival event not even in the official programee though it was in the Mountain Scene guide.

This was certainly a nice piece of timing ‘cos nothing else had been scheduled last night – takle a bow, Ann and John Mann, who are runnig gigs virtually non-stop in the hall this week.