SCOOP: …and the Restless


Had a huge night – always treat Festival opening night as a second New Year’s Eve and this was certainly no exception.

I’d have to say the fireworks, which I took in from the Ngai Tahu Tourism wharf, was up there with the best – there were rumours beforehand that the crackers mightn’t go off this year after the dramas a year ago but thankfully all seemed to go to plan.

I didn’t catch the PM’s speech but I’d have to say he made a great impression on everyone he casually met the couple of hours beforehand at the Crowne Plaza sponsors’ function.

Most of my night was spent at the Quksilver function, firstly at their very bright new premises in the Mountaineer building then at Prime – both parties studded with pulchritude!

Here’s looking forward to the parade, soccer and ball today – but not before a recovery breakfast at Joe’s!