Scene 24 December 2008


WHO (from left): Swayze Parker, Kayleigh Tuprin, Courtney Evans, Candice Price and Claire Ruddy

WHAT: Promoting The Thirsty Ram’s Coruba Beach Party
WHEN: Last Friday
WHERE: Village Green 

WHO: Deputy principal Grant Adolph with teachers Emma Barker (left) and Toni Lewis

WHAT: Wakatipu High teachers’ year-end socialising
WHEN: Last Wednesday
WHERE: Guilty

WHO (from left): Sian Taylor’s sister Elinor Taylor, Faye Tweney, Sian Taylor and Colette Farrer

WHAT: Sian Taylor/Colette Farrer’s house-warming
WHEN: Last Friday
Cameron Place, Fernhill


WHO: Monique Cooley with mum Linda Cooley

WHAT: Monique Cooley celebrates shortlisting for New Zealand’s Next Top Model
WHEN: Last Friday
WHERE: Brazz

WHO: Oprah Winfrey Show producer Suzanne Hayward (left) with Destination Queenstown communications manager Naomi Castles

WHAT: Oprah Winfrey Show producer Suzanne Hayward’s visit
WHEN: Last Friday
WHERE: Boiler Room

WHO: Rel Faulks, flanked by club treasurer/coach Allan Ruffell (left) and president Hans Arnestedt, holds the NZ premier champion’s blazer won by her brother, the late Rex Woodbury, in 1967

WHAT: Wakatipu Rowing Club boatshed extension bash
WHEN: Last Sunday
WHERE: Lake Hayes 


WHO (from left): Julz Cools, Jakobien “Jax” Bruin, Lizzie Fry and Justine McCall

WHAT: Sail Queenstown rebranding do
WHEN: Last Thursday


WHO: Dzin Alekzander in bridal gown with Shotover Jet colleagues Clark Scott (left) and Tane Evans

WHAT: Dzin Alekzander’s stag party
WHEN: Last Saturday
WHERE: Pig & Whistle

WHO: Jess Trimming and Craig Wilson

WHAT: Jess Trimming/Craig Wilson wedding
WHEN: Last Sunday
WHERE: St Peter’s Church, Queenstown

WHO (from left): Sam Hillman, Tiffany Mitchell, Jenna Cato and Hine Marchand sing on stage
WHO: Catelin Walker, 8

WHAT: Carols on the Green
WHEN: Last Friday
WHERE: Village Green

WHO: Owner Denis Columb (centre) with (from left) son Scott, daughter Alanna and sons Brendan and Lachie

WHAT: Off Road Adventures Christmas party
WHEN: Last Friday