Saving Kiwi blokes with loads of jokes


Tim Shadbolt and Gary McCormick will campaign to “save the great Kiwi Bloke” at a gag-fest in Queenstown on Saturday night. 

The politically-incorrect duo will roll out the wacky manifesto for their Pull Yourself Together Party with some rapid-fire banter at SkyCity Casino. 

Veteran broadcaster McCormick says he’s long been the spokesman for the man in the street – he claims you have a much better chance of survival in New Zealand if you are a giant snail, a giant squid or a great white shark, than if you are a Kiwi male. 

Invercargill mayor Shadbolt agrees, but is less concerned about the situation. 

“Gary worries too much. I live on Bluff oysters and have a good relationship with other people. 

“My car was clamped the other day but when the man who did it realised who I was, he let me off – he said it would be like clamping his mother.”