Queenstown fans of rising Invercargill band Rhythmonyx are unwittingly starring on YouTube.

The eight-strong hip-hop outfit filmed their last live appearance in the resort at the Homelands open-air event in Queenstown Gardens in March.

They’ve uploaded the results on YouTube and now want anyone who was there to log on and see if they can spot themselves in the audience.

“We’ve put a video of one of our songs from the set in the Gardens up on the site and another clip where the camera just pans around the crowd,” says Rhythmonyx drummer-manager Richard Hogan.

“It was a great day and we thought it would be a bit of fun to let people see if they can find themselves in there.”

Rhythmonyx return to the resort on Saturday night for a gig at Revolver.

Queenstown has always been a happy hunting ground for them – half the members used to be in the band Purity Rising, who had a big following in the area until they split up three years ago.

“We played some really good shows in Queenstown with Purity Rising, including a few with high-profile groups like Fat Freddy’s Drop and Katchafire, so hopefully a few people will remember us well from those days,” Hogan says.

Hogan also reckons playing in the resort is a sure-fire way of spreading the word about Rhythmonix further afield.
“The international flavour in Queenstown is a massive stepping stone to getting your name out there,” he says.

“You tend to find the word spreads about you quickly because of the tourist market and people who have seen you email friends in New Zealand and other countries.

“When we used to play in Queenstown with Purity Rising, afterwards we’d get messages of support from all over the place.

“You get 10 times as much coverage from gigging in Queenstown than anywhere else in the South Island.”

Rhythmonyx – formed 16 months ago – are putting the finishing touches to a debut EP with the help of the sound engineer for NZ favourites dDub.

And they’re happy to describe their sound as “a washing machine, a dryer and a dishwasher having a race with fireworks tied round their nether-regions”.

“I guess that’s because we have some pretty chunky, clunky time changes going on in the music,” Hogan explains. “We also have a lot more of a live hip hop thing going on than we used to. It’s pretty crazy stuff.”

Catch Rhythmonyx at Revolver on Saturday from 10pm