Russell Mawhinney


Queenstown/Wakatipu ward (six seats)

Age: 50 

Job: Lawyer. Partner in Preston Russell Law, Queenstown 

Family: Married to Susan, 45. Sons Ryan, 13, Mitchell, 11, and Seth, 8 

Years in the Wakatipu: Eight 

Main claim to fame in the resort: Easily recognised crab-like style on the skifield when we first got here and I was learning to ski at age 42. Much slicker now but still the worst skier in our family. Seriously though, I’ve kept a fairly low profile for the most part. Its time to change that 

Main reason for standing: Council needs more effective governance and a clear vision for the region. I’ve got the skills and enthusiasm to help turn things around 

Single biggest issue of interest: Right now the Queenstown Airport Corporation issue threatens to hijack the election and it is a big issue. Overall I want to make sure the council governs more effectively and cohesively. There are two areas of special interest to me however. Firstly, events and tourism development, and business development in a broader sense. Secondly, supporting sporting and arts groups because they are a fundamental part of our community 

Biggest gaffe: There will have been plenty but I can’t think of any right now. I try not to remember them if it’s too painful.