Round one goes to The Remarks


I was more than a little nervous going up The Remarkables. 

The skifield has a reputation for being one of the steeper in the region and according to the out-of-date ticket on my jacket, last time I went up I still qualified as a youth. 

I may also have stretched the truth a bit at Rentals by saying I was an intermediate level skier – if truth be told, I belong firmly in Camp Beginner. But hey, I might get better skis this way. 

Somehow I end up at the ominously named Shadow Basin. The sign says “intermediate and advanced skiers and riders only”. 

Oh dear. Well, at least my skis are intermediate. 

Dizzying cliffs and sheer vertical drops greet me at the top, as well as uber cool ‘real’ skiers. 

I’m suddenly very aware of my daggy hodgepodge of gear. 

I do not belong up here. 

The only way is down but narrow ridges pose somewhat of a problem – because for me, stopping is not a snap-second decision but something planned well in advance. 

I’m so tempted to pluck those planks off my feet and walk down in a huff but I don’t want to be seen from the chairlift. 

Stubbornness wins out. I assume the pizza wedge position and set off. Dis-tressingly, I gain too much speed, my pizza wedge turns to spaghetti legs and I fall rather ungracefully face-first into the snow. 

Using my face as a plough, I make it to the bottom somewhat worse for wear. 

Remarkables, you win this time but I’ll definitely be back.

All you need to know
What: Novice ski trip
Where: The Remarkables
Full day lift pass: $91 (adult), $70 (student), $49 (youth/senior)
Half day lift pass: $62 (adult), $35 (youth)
Gear (ski or snowboard): Adult from $48, youth from $37
Thrill-o-meter: 6/10