Rockers strumming on empty


A quirk of fate has shot rockers Von Voin Strum from nowhere to become one of the hottest new live acts in Christchurch. 

The five-strong outfit only got together this time last year but already they’ve supported top Kiwi bands such as Kids of 88, Motocade and The Naked and Famous. 

Von Voin Strum – making their Queenstown debut at the Dux tonight – have also recorded a four-track debut EP, slotted for release in February. 

The buzz around the group started when they won the UCSA Battle of the Bands contest at Canterbury University in August. 

Guitarist Sam Von Voin reveals they weren’t even meant to be in the competition in the first place. 

“The band only entered because another group pulled out at the last minute and we stepped in as a replacement,” Sam says. 

“I wasn’t even in the country at the time as I was over in the UK for six months playing cricket. 

“Our drummer had to quickly learn my guitar parts and the guys also got another drummer in to fill the gap for the gig. 

“Since then, things have been going a bit nuts for us which is weird because we were never even supposed to be taking part in that contest.” 

Von Voin Strum blast out a potent blend of psychedelic gospel chops and blues-rock. 

And after covering a lot of ground in the space of just a few months, they’re determined to give it their best shot. 

“We’re now ready for as much fame, wealth and groupies that people can throw at us,” Sam jokes. 

“But seriously, we would love to give music a go on a full-time basis, although we are aware that isn’t an easy thing to achieve in a country as small as New Zealand.” 

The band has four songs already in the can for their first CD but need a cash injection to get it properly released. 

“We are happy with the way everything is sounding but we still need some finance to get the EP out there and into the right hands,” Sam explains. 

“Once that happens, there’ll be no holding us back.”

Catch Von Voin Strum at Dux de Lux tonight from 9pm