Julian Temple Band return to The Sherwood with a new line-up but the same immersive live act.

The alternative folk-rock outfit, with a blues and funk edge, is still fronted by Californian Dunedinite Temple, backed by founding drummer Paul Mclennan-Kissel and violinist Alex Vaatstra.

But bassist Paul McMillan, who produced the most recent album, the acclaimed Ceiling in the Sky, has moved on — to Melbourne.

He’s replaced by Left or Right’s Steve ‘Seedy’ Marshall on bass, and also Alizarin Lizard’s Logan Hampton on keys.

Temple: “This is our fourth bass player actually — we roll through them.

“But it’s always civil; life just gets in the way sometimes, people move away from Dunedin.”

Temple and Mclennan-Kissel have created five albums together over the last dozen years, with Vaatstra joining halfway through.

The founding duo went on a small tour with Hampton once McMillan left.

“Keyboard is a new instrument to the band, so he’s had a free rein on parts and is adding new textures.

“But then it was a little bit too much for him — left hand all the bass parts, play new textural stuff on the right hand.

“It was good but we felt we needed a bass player, so I contacted my favourite one and luckily he said yes.”

2013’s Upsidedownbackwards was their most successful album to date, hitting seventh in the national album charts, with last October’s Ceiling in the Sky hitting 15th.

But Temple says it’s the live performances where the band’s music is at home, and what he loves most.

“We’re a live band — way more energetic and in your face than on our albums.

“I’m proud of our recordings for sure but the joy of this band is we all love playing together, so we bring that infectious vibe.”

Temple says he’ll sometimes find those transcendental moments while playing.

“It can get intense for sure.

“We had a gig last night, which was quite special.

“We played the beer fest in the Dunedin Festival then had an after-show up the road at this cool little craft beer bar called Eureka, and it was just packed out, really good sound because it’s all wooden, and we were on-point because we’d had a show on Friday as well.

“It came together beautifully.”

The band released Ceiling in the Sky with a gig at The Sherwood.

“It was definitely the best show we’ve ever had in Queenstown so we’re hoping to get that same vibe.

“We’d struggled with Queenstown for years because it’s so transient and the venues were changing all the time.

“But The Sherwood is out of town a little, they know what they’re doing as far as hospitality goes and the whole sustainable thing, and a good mate of ours books the bands and is into booking quality music.”

Temple’s got about half an album in the works and is eyeing a tour of North and South America within the next year or so.

But first there’s The Sherwood.

“Just bring your dancing shoes and come have fun with us; we always have a really good time.”

Julian Temple Band, The Sherwood, Saturday, 8.30pm, $10 door sales