Road hog Lizards back on the move


Relentless rockers Alizarin Lizard insist they’re determined to stay on the road for the next two years. 

The Dunedin indie four-piece undertook one of the longest New Zealand tours in recent times with a staggering 42-date trek around the country near the end of 2010 – but they want to top that. 

Following a short break, the band is back out gigging everywhere from Auckland to Port Chalmers, including a show at Queenstown’s Dux de Lux tomorrow. 

“We’ve certainly caught the touring bug and we want to be out there playing non-stop for as long as we possibly can,” keyboardist Logan Hampton says. 

“After our present gigs we’ll hit the road again in NZ during the winter and we’re also trying to put together a mega-jaunt around Australia. 

“If things keep going the way they are, hopefully we can just keep on playing live for the next year or two.”
Alizarin Lizard is doing the rounds this time to plug five-track debut EP Oh Colour

The CD also includes a special code that’ll let punters download more of the band’s songs for free from the internet. 

And for picky fans, the cover is also available in a choice of five different colours. 

“The EP is a mix of studio and live stuff and is bit of a calling card for us,” Hampton explains. “It’s already creating an extra buzz about our music. 

“We’ll be selling them at the shows and hopefully it’ll help keep building the vibe about us through word of mouth.” 

Hampton adds: “The master plan is to eventually turn what has been a hobby for us into something we can live off and make a full-time career from. 

“If that doesn’t happen, it won’t be for the want of trying.” 

Catch Alizarin Lizard at Dux de Lux tomorrow from 9pm