Resort’s Mrs Doubtfires are no drag


Two Mrs Camerons (left) were in action at Earnslaw Park yesterday for the fiercely fought annual Drag Race. 

“Hips forward, chin up” was the advice Queenstown model agency boss Tracy Cameron had for hubby Nick as he was transformed into a model wife for the Winter Festival favourite. 

Scantily-clad Nick was worried about staying upright and taped his heels in place before dashing around the obstacle course. 

“This is what my modelling career has plummeted to,” Ican director Tracy remarks. 

Nick: “She appreciates me making a twat of myself in public and she’s happy enough to witness that.” 

Nick, last year’s winner, had his crown stolen from him this time around by Mountain Scene publisher Richard “Beach Barbie” Thomas. 

Festival action continues with top events such as the Rail Jam in Earnslaw Park tomorrow night and the popular Lindauer Jazz Night at the Skyline complex on Saturday.On Sunday, it’s the Top Bloke final at Memorial Hall and this year’s winter bash closes with a 4pm concert featuring dDub at Coronet Peak.