RED (with trailer)


Rating: 4 / 5 stars
By Sally Burgess, Technical Manager

Frank Moses (Willis) is a retired CIA analyst who is finding his home life to be a little dull. Out of boredom and because he’s a bit lonely, he often calls up Sarah, a customer service rep who works at Frank’s pensions office. 

In the middle of the night, Frank’s house is raided by gunmen (guess who wins that skirmish), and he then kidnaps Sarah as he knows the phones would have been tapped, and that her life is also in danger. 

Frank teams up with an old CIA buddy, his ex-mentor Joe (Freeman), and they discover that the hit squad that tried to take out Frank was also responsible for killing a New York reporter who was on to a pretty big story. 

But what links Frank to the reporter, and why are people out to kill him? 

With the help of a couple more ex-CIA operatives, Marvin (Malkovich) and Victoria (Mirren), Frank gets closer to finding out, all the while on the run from tenacious new agent Cooper (NZ’s own Karl Urban.) 

It was a real treat watching these actors together in the same film. You’ve got a bona-fide action movie star in Willis, two Academy Award winners in Freeman and Mirren, and Academy Award nominee Malkovich…who I enjoyed the most as conspiracy theorist Marvin. Who also has a fluffy pig. (You’ll have to watch) 

But…Helen Mirren. Oops sorry, that’s DAME Helen Mirren. With a machine gun! 

This had enough to keep me and my colleagues amused for 2 hours. It’s a lot of fun, easy on the brain, and…Dame Helen Mirren with a machine gun! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?! 

Standout performance: John Malkovich by a mile. Oh and by the way, RED stands for Retired and Extremely Dangerous.