Queenstown youngsters in limelight


Two promising Queenstown singers will get their spot in the Winter Festival limelight at the winter extravaganza opening party. 

Multi-talented Arrowtown youngster Anna Leat has made the cut at just nine years old along with Wakatipu High songbird Sarah Foley, 18.

They’ll be pumping out their chosen tune from the Earnslaw Park stage, backed by an Auckland-based band.

Prime Minister John Key will then get the 10-day festival officially underway before ex-Exponents lead singer Jordan Luck and his band get the party started.

Performing in front of big crowds doesn’t daunt Anna – also a karate whizzkid – since she has competed in overseas martial art competitions and busks to help fund her travels, her mother Jackie says.

“The busking means she gets so much practice and she doesn’t get stage fright,” Jackie says, adding: “She actually thrives in the environment.”

Kiwi band Opshop’s single Maybe – the song Anna entered for the competition and the number she’ll be singing on the night – is part of her busking repertoire after learning it in the Arrowtown school band.

“She hopes there will be a record producer out in the crowd who will discover her.”

Winter Festival boss Simon Green says they were only going to pick one local – based on a clip posted to YouTube of them playing guitar and singing – but liked the acts so much both girls got the nod.