Queenstown Winter Festival charity boxers pack a punch


Winter Festival charity boxers have done themselves proud at an action-packed third Thriller in the Chiller in Queenstown.

A sellout 1300-strong crowd at the Events Centre, Frankton, cheered on the 22 fighters who were putting their chins on the line for charity Coastguard Queenstown.

The fights comprising three two-minute rounds are the culmination of 16 weeks of boxing and fitness training.

Standing ovations were given for the most intense bouts including those between Alice ‘The Ginger Crunch’ Cournane and Joanna ‘Jo’s a Fiend’ Wells, Steven ‘The Warrior’ Walsh and Jason ‘Hooligan’ Hughes, and the impressive final fight of the night between Jesse ‘Ice Crusher’ Mackey and Jason ‘Machine Gun’ Mills.

Winter Festival director Simon Green congratulates all of the contestants and praises their hard work.

“It was great to see everyone’s hard work put to use this evening. The contestants have all worked so hard and been extremely committed over the last 16 weeks. It’s fantastic to see a sell-out crowd supporting them,” Mr Green says.

In fight order, the winners were:

Skyline’s Adam ‘The Hitman’ Hindson v Richard ‘Scarface’ Hadlow from Queenstown Gymnastics.  Winner:  Richard ‘Scarface’ Hadlow

Oaks Shores Resort’s Claire ‘Breaking Bones’ Jones v Di ‘The Detonator’ Reid from Queenstown i-SITE.  Winner:  Claire ‘Breaking Bones’ Jones

RBJ Builder Dallas ‘Rocky Dalboa’ Moffat v Nathan ‘The Dog’ Turner from Magic Memories.  Winner:  Dallas ‘Rocky Dalboa’ Moffat

Queenstown Primary’s Alice ‘Big Gun’ Cannan v Jessica ‘The Ripper’ Ryan from the Copthorne Lakefront Hotel.  Winner:  Alice ‘Big Gun’ Cannan

Swordfox’s Graham ‘The Diamond Cutter’ McLellan v Cesar ‘C-Bomb’ Piotto from NZSki.  Winner:  Cesar ‘C-Bomb’ Piotto

Probation officer Alice ‘The Ginger Crunch’ Cournane v Joanna ‘Jo’s a Fiend’ Wells, a bartender and DJ. Winner: Alice ‘The Ginger Crunch’ Cournane

Commercial property manager Johnny ‘Roast of the Day’ Stevenson v Paddy ‘Hurricane’ Kluts from Bardeaux.  Winner:  Paddy ‘Hurricane’ Kluts

Michael Hill Jewellers’ Ann ‘Annimal’ Coombes v Michelle ‘No Mercy’ Percy, a student.  Winner:  Michelle ‘No Mercy’ Percy

Crowne Plaza Hotel’s Steven ‘The Warrior’ Walsh v Jason ‘Hooligan’ Hughes from Motortrade Finances.  Winner:  Steven ‘The Warrior’ Walsh

Bungy operator Lewis ‘Young Buck’ Benseman v Richie ‘Rampage’ Evans, a concrete grinder. Winner: Richie ‘Rampage’ Evans

Cowboy’s bartender Jesse ‘Ice Crusher’ Mackey v Jason ‘Machine Gun’ Mills, a bathroom installer. Winner: Jason ‘Machine Gun’ Mills.

A hard-hitting scrap between Moffat and Turner was judged fight of the night, winning each contender a return-trip to Auckland for the Fight for Life on July 5.