‘Queenstown is like Narnia’ – top comic


A Queenstown-bound comedian says flying into the Wakatipu is like going through a wardrobe into mythical fairyland Narnia.
Top Kiwi comic Steve Wrigley, visiting for a SkyCity Casino gig this Saturday, uses the analogy from classic novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. 

The regular on TV3 show 7 Days says: “There’s something about Queens-town, it’s a really magical place…you’re going ‘Where did this come from, who put this here?’ 

“It doesn’t even feel like it’s part of NZ. Because you get there by plane, I always feel like it’s some platform 52 or whatever it is from Harry Potter – or the wardrobe from Narnia. You feel like you’ve gone through some sort of dimensional portal.” 

Wrigley’s recent visit a few months back didn’t disappoint – a corporate gig for Australian Mitre 10 staffers at Walter Peak. 

“They wanted a Kiwi comedian and I was stacking it on the water taxi going ‘Have these Aussies just picked a NZ comic because they want a punching bag for half an hour?’ But it was one of the most enjoyable experiences. 

“It was beautiful going out on the lake – and because it was Queenstown they were all just there for a really good time so I got up and made fun of Australia. 

“One thing I learned is we’re definitely more competitive with Australia than Australia is with us.”

Wrigley: “It’s a bit like Australia is a massive dude, we’re a tiny midget and we’re kicking them in the shins but they only notice every now and then. They sort of look and go ‘Oh you’re still there, are you?’.” 

Wrigley, supported for his Queenstown show by Jamie Bowen and Jarred Fell, says they’ll tailor it for the audience. 

“The great thing about live comedy is it listens and responds, figuring out whether you like what’s going on. Kiwis can hear when someone is just reciting some stuff. They kind of tune out, they’re not really that interested.” 

Wrigley adds: “People want to feel like they’re part of a conversation – they want to be talked with not talked to.” 

Tickets for Wrigley’s SkyCity show, starting at 9pm tomorrow, are $25.