Queenstown 2040 – Where Will The Snow Be?







This competition is now closed.  Congratulations to Amy.

Where will the snow be?



Where will the Queenstown snow line be after 25 years of climate change? How will New Zealand snowfalls compare with those in Australia, USA, Europe and Japan? How do we position ourselves to capitalise on change?

A panel of experts – provocative and surprising – will present a lively discussion on the science, possible impacts, and how best we can respond to our changing future. 

Date 23 June

Time 7:30pm

Price  $20.00 adults, $10 children 

Location:  Queenstown Memorial Centre

Brought to you by CATALYST, with support from The Rees Hotel Queenstown and Resolutionz Consulting, Queenstown 2040 is a must-see event for anyone whose livelihood or lifestyle depends on the white stuff.