Puckering up for the Dux


Considering some of the dives punk/folk duo Freddy Fudd Pucker have stayed in while on tour, it’s little wonder they’re looking forward to coming to Queenstown. 

Formerly from Dunedin and now based in Melbourne, the far-travelled twosome are well used to roughing it on the road. 

They’ve spent the past few years mainly kipping in the back of a van or on fans’ floors, while criss-crossing their way through the United States, Europe and Australia. 

“Sometimes we turn up in towns with no proper gig booked, so we end up playing in people’s kitchens and living rooms in return for a place on a couch or the floor,” frontman Tom Young says. 

“It’s great fun and a really economical way to get around, especially in the States,” he goes on. “But it’s not easy trying to sleep in a van parked up some dodgy side street in downtown New York in the height of winter. 

“One of the worst places we’ve played and stayed though was at this desperate, run-down motel in the middle of nowhere in Michigan. We soon found out it was permanent home to a crew of seriously crazy old men. That was challenging in the extreme.” 

Young adds: “It almost sounds perverse, but sometimes we deliberately put ourselves into the worst situations possible just so we can get an interesting experience out of it.” 

The duo – that also features accordionist/vocalist Sarah ‘The Whippy-Dip’ Gautier – starts a New Zealand-wide jaunt at the Dux in Queenstown tonight. 

They’ll be blasting out tracks from their latest album The Priest, The Fly and The Flea.

Catch Freddy Fudd Pucker at Dux de Lux tonight from 10pm