Prime cuts for DJ Downtown Brown


DJ Downtown Brown returns to his old stomping ground with his Sunshine Sound System tomorrow.

Former Subculture owner Brown – aka Simon Hendl – and MC KPz (Kyle Popham) are keeping it fresh with a gig at the seldom-used venue Prime restaurant, on Rees Street.

“Should be fun,” Hendl says.

“It’s somewhere different and the view’s pretty good over the bay.

“It’ll start and finish early; it’s only licensed to 1.30am.

“So we will be encouraging people to come watch the sunset 8.30pm, have a drink, and spark up the jam from around 9pm.

“We’ll lay on some special treats for those who make it before the last rays of sun disappear over the western arm.”

Hendl now divides his time between Auckland and nearby Muriwai Beach.

He formed Sunshine Sound System with Shapeshifter’s P Digsss after a jam session in Queenstown in 2000.

Popham joined a year later and is now the main vocalist, freestyling over Hendl’s eclectic genre-spanning mixes – from hip-hop to dancehall, reggae, drum ‘n’ bass, dub and dance.

“Lucky enough nothing really fazes him on the mic – he’s able to adapt and jam over new and different stuff,” Hendl says.

“It’s a real luxury for a DJ, not to be constrained in what you play. We’ve got a pretty broad range of styles we enjoy playing and we don’t generally pre-organise a play list unless for a big tour.

“So we’ll approach it with a pretty open mind, soak up the vibe and work out how it feels on the day.”

They’ll be supported by freestyle MC Imagine This.

Hendl is searching for a new venue for his biennial summer bash Shotover Sunshine Festival, held in recent years at Littles Rd.

It brings Aotearoa’s best acts to Queenstown for a sun-drenched music fest with a capacity crowd of 5000.

“We’re looking for that perfect site – somewhere logistically sound, convenient and also beautiful.

“If I had a couple of million spare I’d go out and by something!

“There are two potential sites but we’re keeping an open mind.”

Hendl says he’s looking at staging the festival at the start of summer 2015/2016.

Sunshine Sound System with support from Imagine This, Prime, tomorrow, 8.30pm. Tickets $10 on the door