Pre-Season Game 7 this week’s team


Pre-Season Game & Team to Play Jacks Point Angry Dragons (Ian Paterson Challenge Trophy match)

After last weeks pre-season game against Arrowtown the Pelicans have had to reach deep into the bag of tricks to restore credibility. After batting first on an artificial wicket that was a lumpy as a ploughed paddock we battled through to a disappointing 115 of 20 overs. Highlights of the innings were both Damians (you can tell them apart easily..especially side on) retired after making contrasting scores of 30+ each, and Rubsee and Porky surviving a combined total of one ball between them.

The artificial pitch then flattened out considerably during the 4 minute break between innings and Arrowtown rode their luck to post a slim victory with just 81/2 overs to spare. Highlights included Shane “Muddy” Clearwater clubbing a six onto the roof of the gym and all of the Woodchoppers 7 balls he faced. (out for 26)

However as a pre-season game the Pelicans cunning plan to lull the Massive into a false sense of security has worked a treat and we all expect a reversal in the regular season fixture.

Shane has promised a trophy be commissioned to be played for each pre-season between the Massive and the Pelicans. Some characters within the Pelicans were quite happy to gift the trophy to the ATwon lads as they thought it would be the only sporting silverware out that way this year…

This first fixture of the season vs the JPAD’s is shaping up as the most important global sporting event of the weekend, except maybe if Ana Ivanovic is playing Maria Sharapova in which case we may declare early and rush home to watch the game with a pillow on our lap.

Points of note for this weekend’s game will be the long awaited debut of Leighton ‘this is real cricket’ Morgan for the Pelicans along with the return of Chris ‘MIA’ Julian after an extended break.

1. Ralph
2. Paddo
3. Rubsie
4. LP
5. Dzin
6. Dippers
7. 9 Slips
8. Finch
9. CJ
10. Leighton
11. Baa Baa

Unfortunately the Pelicans have been drawn to start at the unsportsmanlike like time of 11:00 am on Pelican’s Number One (field closest to the nets). If you feel you must stay out all night and come directly to the game, then please ensure you have the $20 you need and not a pocket full of EFTPOS receipts, a lamb shank from the 24 and a missing jandal.

All Pelicans are to report for warm up with Scooter by 10:50 am with their $20. There is a $5 fine for arriving late (Dippers – You can pre pay this if you want)

Remember – The Pelican is the only winged animal to perfect the One Inch Punch