Pol’s latest project


A blistering punk rock trio is the latest endeavour for Queenstown muso Pol Nicholson.

The Scots singer-songwriter is one of the central cogs in the resort’s music scene – performing in around half-a-dozen bands, duos and trios, and taking to the stage in various productions.

And while his country votes on independence, the 26-year-old multi-instrumentalist continues to seek out collaboration and community in his adopted home.

“It’s a great big slutty music town,” Nicholson says.

“Very incestuous – everyone basically just works with each other.

“It keeps it all fresh and interesting; lots of different people, lots of different sounds.”

Nicholson, who’s been in the resort four-and-a-half years, fronts rockers Freefall, both as a band and duo with fellow frontman Dominic Hazell.

He also performs in professional party band Mojo, and in duos with Fi Guard and others as the need arises.

Well-known Queenstown frontman Shay Muddle joins Nicholson in the new punk trio with Rules of Addiction singer/guitarist Mauricio Oliveira.

“We’ll play in places like Vinyl and Zephyr, the real rock bars, and it’ll be more about the performance,” Nicholson says.

“Energetic rock and punk rather than incredibly intricate music.”

Nicholson says he hopes the trio, tentatively named Silkworm, will also write original music.

He’s just finished his recording his first solo album, 23.

“That’s acoustic rock songs – songs I’ve been performing for years and it’s been about getting them out and done.

“I’m not going to do anything crazy big with it but I might have a little launch party.”

On the album is the track Freefall, which Nicholson performed as a showpiece with singer Holly Arrowsmith at 2013 Songstars.

Nicholson, who plays most string instruments, along with trumpet and a dabble on the piano and drums, helps out as musical director and instrumentalist at the Queenstown song-writing talent contest, Songstars. And he’s a regular in showbiz productions such as Christmas shows.

But it’s the throng of gig nights where he’s most at home. Silkworm’s debut gig is on Monday, October 13, at Zephyr.

The talented muso will however take to the stage tonight with Freefall. 

Catch Pol Nicholson and Freefall at Pog Mahones tonight from 9pm.