Pelicans Go Rabbit Hunting


Pelicans Go Rabbit Hunting

The Queenstown Central Pelicans continued on their winning way with a convincing 7 wicket win against the Lake Hayes Rabbits at the Queenstown Events Centre.

Despite having a number of players away at a skills camp in Wellington the Pelicans were able to field a team that handing out a gentle webbed footed lesson.

After winning the toss the Rabbits chose to bat. Regan 9 slips, after coming off a serious claw injury was almost elevated to Pelicans life membership as he nearly claimed a wicket with the first ball being slashed just over the head of 6th slip. Rabbits opening bat – Big Rig will now go down in the annuals of Pelicans folklore for having the billys to cut the first ball while 9 slips will be back again this week to try again.

The Rabbitts took inspiration from the magnificent start and thrashed the ball around like a randy teenager. They made it to 70 for 1 at the end of the 8th over before the birds of prey got right back into the contest.

A few judicious bowling changes had the Pelicans back in the hunt. The Rabbits but on a brave display but the thought of a busy Easter had them frightened and they ended up all out for 104. Damo claimed four rabbit skins for 13 off his 3 overs. We are still not sure if he was bowling spin but with the amount of air he gave it we were all surprised that the ball didn’t come down with altitude sickness. Rhino rebounded from last weeks performance to show that no practise whatsoever = better results. He picked up 1 – 1 off his over.

This was a great performance from the thirsty Pelicans as they had to do it without our re-hydration technician Scooter who was away supervising at the training camp in Wellington. As the wickets started to tumble in the searing heat the Pelicans were left parched and weather beaten. Scooter will be welcomed back open arms, ice and a chilly bin this week.

Despite Scooters absence the catering was again the match highlight. The very manly feed of fresh ham, processed cheese, white bread and coleslaw washed down by 6 beers each helped the Pelicans as they went out to bat. Finchy was outstanding considering he was seeing two balls after a heavy night at his dad’s 60th the night before. He expertly managed to turn easy two’s into a well walked singles before he departed for a cleverly compiled 24.

The Lake Hayes Rabbits tried to hang in the game by having their entire team on the boundary for the duration of the innings but after Finchy departed 9 Slips strode to the crease looking like George Michael busting to get to the toilet. He proceeded to slap the Bunnies bowling all over the park as Rubsie dropped the big red anchor to see us home in the 16th over.

After the match the Pelicans migrated to the Speights Club House for the usual debrief where Damo was named man of the match and is able to put his name on the back of the minging ginger kid picture/wall of fame.

Thanks once again to Frewser for hosting us.

The competition for the orange and purple caps is really heating up with the following people leading the race.

Orange Batting Cap
Fraser Wilson – 123 runs

Purple Bowling Cap
Dzin Alekzander – 7 wickets

At the end of the season the holders of the caps will have their names stitched into them…and be fined.

Till Next Week – Remember Pelicans don’t wear Crocs, they eat them.