The Queenstown Central Pelicans extended their tenure with the IP Challenge Trophy for at least another week by holding out the Fernhill Buffalo Goats in a tense 20/20 battle at the events centre this weekend. After last week’s nervous but successful start the Pelicans were looking forward to a big effort against their biggest rivals.

The Pelicans had commissioned a long range forecast and decided the play the game in a slightly revised uniform, hoping the change from long thermal snowboarding pants they had been in to extra short nylon shorts would give them the crucial advantage they would need against a quality Buffalo Goats side (otherwise known as the Guffalos).

See below for the team photo.

Finchy sorted out the refreshments this week and we began the game with a traditional swift torpedo to help the team get their heads in the right place.

The short shorts were an immediate hit and several of the Guffalos were intimidated by the flashes of pale white upper thigh and the occasion hanging duster. Several Guffalo batsmen got away to starts but none could consolidate against a Pelicans line up that showed more guts than Jesse Ryder on kebab diet.

The usual suspects picked up wickets, Dzin got 2 (and deserved more) Paddo show how got another 3, Finchy and Dan winkled out a couple and the rest were spread about amongst the other burglars. Dippers produced another superb display of fielding by setting a new commonwealth record for cigarettes smoked in a 90 minute session. 22 Durries, two cans of V, a sausage, 3 Speights, a cold meat pie, a dozen snakes and slash on the fence capped a fine performance from the fielding captain.

Some the fielding was horrible, especially Ralphs attempt to one-hand pouch an Exocet missile but as training during the season is banned, we will hope for a better effort next week, but not actually do anything about it.
The target for the Pelicans was 117.

The openers did their bit for the team by helping taking the shine off the new ball, as we reached ten overs only one down for 60. Finchy and CJ enjoyed caning the bowling like a Roman Catholic Priest likes ‘caning’ a naughty choirboy, and we got to the 16th over with 15 runs required.

Just to keep it interesting CJ (avoiding a fine for reaching 50) slapped a catch to the outfield, this triggered a mini collapse with 3 Pelicans making the short return trip to the wicket. Paddo and Dan made sure the scorer had enough ink for next week’s game by bowing out quickly.

Dippers and Toddy did the business with 2 overs to spare and the Pelicans retained the Challenge trophy to defend next week.

Wisey did the Guffalos proud with another 1st class BBQ effort before people headed away to the official aftermatch function. Paddos request for a ‘net’ to sort out his batting was denied unanimously. There is more chance of David Bain partnering Steve Price in the Queensland front row than any Pelican disgracing themselves by attempting to practice.

Next week the Pelicans play the Ducks at 2pm, with Paddo running the cutter.
Remember – the Pelican is the only animal that has climbed Everest without oxygen.
Pelicans 2010