Pelican Brief – Game against Frankton Replies


Queenstown Central Pelicans Go Reptile Hunting

The Queenstown Central Pelicans continued their up and down season at the weekend with a well constructed win over the highly fancied Frankton Reptiles. (highly fancied according to the moustachioed barman with a leather cap at The Pink Dolphin Cocktail bar..)

After winning the toss on Wednesday night a confident Reptiles outfit choose to set the Pelicans a target. Dangerous Dan Wells was given the new nut which was a massive break in Pelican’s tradition opening bowler policy as he only tips the scales at a featherweight 60 kgs. This lack of weight was evident when the first ball was nicked to 3rd slip only to fall a metre in front due to a lack of horsepower. Dan has vowed to correct this for next season by going on a diet of Mrs Macs pies washed down with multiple pints of Speights. We wish him well and many true Pelicans will be joining on his guest, even the ones that don’t need to!

Swinging Dzin once again bowled well and took two for 8 runs off 4 overs to take almost unbreakable strangle-hold on the Purple bowling cap. In recognition of this fine bowling effort, he will probably bat 3 this week and only bowl if we are getting tonked. Damo chimed in with a few slo-mo hand grenades late in the piece to pick up another two wickets to add to his tally for the season as the Frankton team worked their way through to a competitive 141 off 20 overs. Don Jackson must still be feeling the effects of last years nut-cracker delivery Paddo gave him as he elected not to bat in this dig.

Once again the Pelican’s catering team came to the fore as the Frankton team and supporters looked on in awe as $85 of Remarkables takeaways finest fried food was devoured in record time.

Finch and Johnny Woodchopper went out to take the Reptiles on with instructions from the team ringing in their eyes. The green-light has become a feature of the teams batting approach, so much so that it is now flicked on as the batsmen walk out to the wicket and isn’t turned off until Scooter leaves in his van.

Brett Paterson opened the bowling for the Reptiles and foolishly tried to bounce the Woodchopper, with a result easier to pick than a Cuban election. As has happened in the past to Jeff Wilson, Brett’s new nut disappeared into the 5 mile hole for one of the biggest sixes we are ever likely to see. It was hit so hard the red fell off.

After a solid start from the good guys the Reptiles fought back to take a few quick wickets and the run rate started to creep up to 10 an over. Luckily Fraser had had at least 6 beers before batting so had his eye in and had the Pelicans reached the last over needing only 2 to win.

After getting a single off the first ball it came done to Iron Gloves Phil Casey to get us home. A swing like a drunk one armed golfer missed the first two balls but the Frankton bowler strayed into LP’s pad for a winning leg bye.

The Pelicans celebrated by heading into the Pelicans Club Rooms (the Ale House) they waded into some of Uncle Jim’s finest products.

This week we take on the Golden Retrievers in a game that we must win to stay in with a shot of taking the tile.

Till Next Week

The Pelican

Remember, the Pelican is the only bird ever issued a chainsaw licence.