Paranormal Activity


Shannon Quaid, Duty Manager
Rating: 3 stars outof 5

In the tradition of the Blair Witch genre this movie picks up the handheld shaky-cam to follow the haunting of a young woman and her boyfriend as they document the night time activities of their unwanted guest.

Switching from the home movie style casual bickering of the couple during the day to the nail biting still footage of their bedroom at night, this movie is done without flashy effects and the simplicity of it creates an enormous amount of suspense that steadily builds as the movie progresses.

This less-is-more approach is also what helps convey a sense of authenticity to the whole situation with only a few poorly crafted “spooky” happenings and shock factor moments to mar the overall effect.

The sound however was perfect. The bump in the night, creaky house atmosphere and the most tension-filled moments of the film are created through the progressive bedroom shots and the disturbing sound effects.

The psychological nature of the film and the development of paranormal incidents create a very creepy and intense experience. However, this is not a scary movie. A big part of the lack of horror in this horror movie could be the complete lack of feeling towards the couple, which quickly grew into an active desire for very bad things to happen to them. While the actors portrayed the characters extremely well and realistically, the characters themselves raised the bar for stupidity in horror movies.

Overall, Paranormal Activity was a very cool and suspenseful movie, even though it was fairly predictable, it still made you want to see what was going to happen next.
Not scary but extremely tense.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is showing at Reading Cinemas Queenstown.
Length: 96 minutes
Rating: M (contains offensive language)
Genre: Horror
Cast: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat and Mark Fredrichs.