Our Johnny does his sick hospitalised mum proud


Winter Festival charity boxing’s oldest competitor took a blow before even stepping into the ring last Saturday. 

On the day of Thriller in the Chiller fighter Johnny Stevenson’s bout his cancer-battling mum and children’s author Alma Stevenson, 71, was taken to Frankton’s Lakes District Hospital after suffering a turn for the worse. 

“It makes it a bit more real,” Johnny, 48, says. 

“You’ve just got to carry on, mate. She doesn’t want it to affect us, she’s pretty tough.” 

Johnny, a local property manager and investor, lost a split decision after his fight to Bardeaux bar manager Paddy Kluts, 21. Johnny gave his medal to his mum on Monday night. 

“She’s been wearing that, she’s proud of me. 

“But she said, ‘That’s funny’ ’cos she reckons she’d probably have trouble walking across the ring.” 

Alma last year dedicated a Rugby World Cup-related kids’ book to her oncologist and donated 50 cents from each copy sold to the local Cancer Society branch.