Originals trip for The Space Between


Fledgling Queenstown band The Space Between are taking the road less travelled.

The five-piece have sworn off the smooth asphalt highway of covers for the bumpy, single-lane track of original music.

That’s a solid commitment to creativity in a town where getting a paid gig usually requires a three-hour set of barfly fodder.

“I’d be gone if we were about covers,” Dutch lead guitarist Ollie Sterk says.

“It’s all about original music – we play to play, not to get paid.

“It’s purely about the songs. I believe in the songs and that’s why I love playing in this band.”

Sterk, 19, was on his way to Australia when approached about joining the band in September.

“I found these guys and decided to stick around,” he says.

“I learnt five songs in a week and my whole plan turned round.”

TSB finalised its line up in mid-October after several months trying to find the right mix.

Well-known Queenstown singer-songwriter Alex Fraser leads the line, surrounded by Sterk, Matt Collie on rhythm guitars and backing vocals, bassist Olly Burgin and drummer Andres Bedoya.

They’ve played seven gigs in recent months between which they’ve been holed up in a house up on Hallenstein Street working on new tracks.

Main song-writing duties are split between Fraser and Collie. 

“We work hard and practise a lot; there’s no point doing half work,” Sterk says.

“We’re a band and we have good songs, and want to be good for the songs, we spend time on the craft.

“Music-wise it really works, we like the same stuff and it’s clicked.

“We’re going to go hard in 2015. Because we write our own stuff we can just create and create and there’s no stopping it – we’ve so much stuff coming out of us.”

Catch The Space Between on the Village Green tomorrow evening from 6.30pm-7.30pm or at Vinyl Underground on Saturday, opening for Rules of Addiction from 9pm.