No muddling Shay’s mojo


Shay Muddle doesn’t claim to be the best singer or guitarist in Queenstown’s music scene.

But he is ready to chance his arm playing anything from original tracks to Johnny Cash and Beyonce.

The local muso has his finger in a couple of pies.

He and fellow singer Pearly McGrath make up Shay and Pearly.

Joining him and Pearly in Mojo are fellow Queenstowners Pol Nicholson, Rachel Kennedy and Ned Webster.

Both collaborations focus on covers, playing gigs around town as well as weddings and corporate events.

He is also working with former Opshop frontman Jason Kerrison.

The pair met in Christchurch in the mid-1990s and enjoyed some success.

They picked up second place in a nationwide televised musical showcase in 1997, after which they formed the band Fungi in 1997 with Tim Skedden and Willy Scott.

Fungi disbanded a few years later.

Muddle reckons they reformed as they had unfinished business and have just released two new tracks She Can’t Come In and My Friend.

Muddle loves the variety of his different musical tie-ups and feels pretty fortunate to make his living as a full-time musician.

He puts this down to support from local bars who want to create an active music scene.

“Unlike most cities in New Zealand, the bars here are busy on multiple nights. One of our busiest nights is a Monday … backpackers on tourist buses don’t care that it is a Monday.”

Shay and Pearly play Little Blackwood tonight, and he reckons the crowd can expect good music, popular songs and good banter.

While he enjoys covers, working with Fungi lets him unleash his creative side.

“As a musician, and because I am a bass guitarist, I like rock. It is my forte.”

And just in case that doesn’t keep him busy, he also does a couple of solo sets — just him and a loop pedal playing songs people know.

Shay and Pearly play Little Blackwood, tonight, 8pm, and solo, tomorrow night, 8pm