No bull with Ash


Rockers Ash and The Matadors are ditching their new ‘unplugged’ set of songs and vow to pump up the volume in Queenstown. 

The Dunedin four-piece has been experimenting by knocking their classic rock sound on the head for a bit and playing acoustic-only shows. 

But when they hit Dux de Lux on Saturday they’ll revert to their usual, full-on electric experience. 

“Because of the style of music we do, we can bend it a bit and perform in tiny wee bars with our acoustic instruments,” frontman Ash Officer says. 

“It works well on our mellow songs, which is kinda cool. 

“But we are steeped in rock music, so we can’t wait to crank it right up at the Dux and get the place really buzzing.” 

Ash and the Matadors have been growing a following across the South Island since the release of their acclaimed EP The Mansion Tapes late last year. 

The group has already recorded a follow-up single The Jetpak Blues that’s due out next month. 

“To capture our on-stage sound we recently set up a studio at a community hall in Long Beach just outside Dunedin and just went for it,” Ash explains. 

“We camped out in the hall on roll beds and recorded most of the stuff live after a few drinks, so the music has a great feel to it.” 

Next up for the band is to put together their debut album for release later in the year.

Catch Ash and The Matadors at Dux de Lux on Saturday from 9pm