Mystery men vow to bounce back


The identity of three local men who bounced away with the Birdman title during Day on the Bay antics remains a mystery. 

But the secretive trio promise it won’t be the last time Queenstown is treated to the full-body, bright orange suits. 

The long-term locals – dubbed Bounce – wowed a crowd of thousands at Queenstown Bay on Sunday with their wacky dance routine involving moon hopper props before plunging into chilly Lake Wakatipu. 

The skin-tight outfits didn’t leave much to the imagination, but the idea of stuffing the front of their suits was vetoed. 

“It’s not the size of the dog, it’s the size of the fight inside the dog,” a member, simply known as B1, claims. 

The “long-time Birdman watchers, first-time participants” bought the novel get-ups online well before deciding to enter Birdman. 

“We were totally rapt that we won it and you couldn’t see but we were all just grinning.”

B1 estimates the “three regular guys with regular jobs” spent hours practising their act. 

“We’d get together and it was just like our little men’s club. It drove all our wives nuts really. 

“We’d get together and bounce round on our balls.” 

B1 – “the good-looking one” – promises: “It won’t be the last you see of the orange suit.”