Music from another planet


Jupiter Project reckon the best thing about being a musician is being your own boss.

The Auckland-based duo jet into Queenstown this week to play Loco Cantina as part of WinterFest.

Gavin Correia and Marty Rich aka Jupiter Project met at uni. At parties they would talk music and decided they should get into a studio to collaborate.

The pair come from different musical backgrounds.

Correia started by playing guitar – going down the singer-songwriter route.

Rich was more focused on electronic and the production side of things.

Correia: “We met each other in the middle to create something that fused all those elements [together]. There is no one genre for us but some we touch on are electronic, hip-hop, pop and dance.”

Influences are also wide-ranging, from The Beatles to Kanye West. Correia says: “As a musician the more music you listen to the more you can learn.

“I always enjoy being inspired by a variety of artists and different genres.”

Most importantly, though, it is all about fun.

He says an audience will respond to a gig if they can see how much fun the artist is having on stage. They always try to make it high-energy – giving back to the crowd.

“We get to do what we love – we are not working on someone else’s dream. You can be harder on yourself while fulfilling what is important to you.”

Jupiter Project, Loco Cantina tonight, 10pm as part of WinterFest