Movember 25 – Motirement


As my Mo puts its feet up for the last few days of Movember, I want to take a minute to look back on it’s life…

In Momorium..
I will be the first one to say that I cannot grow the best Mo in the world, compared to the rest of my beard, it’s pretty blonde and wispy and I have noticed that it has somewhat of a gammy leg – it’s uneven on one side and not from bad shaving but from natural causes… it’s prickley and my lovely girlfriend doesn’t like getting kissed very much with it, but I love it like a parent would love their child, I have a mo only a father could love.
It’s been a whirlwind month – from the beard shave to motirement. My mo has been online and on tour – all for a worthy cause. Maybe it’s even given some people a laugh – either online or in the street.
There is still a stigma about the mo and I think that’s a good enough reason to keep growing these furry little lip-caterpillars for Movember, it incites rage in girlfriends, laughter and fierce competition in Bros – all while having a hidden agenda of raising money and awareness for a cause that was hard to raise money and awareness for before Movember.

Keep it up.. only 5 days to mo!

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