Movember 20 – Mo on Show


I must say that something I never thought would happen has happened – I am quite self conscious of my mo.

The ‘natural’ does actually look pretty dodgy and when teamed up with one of my favourite hats – they make everything worse!

One example of this is early this week: When I am not working I often follow my girl around like a little puppy dog on her photography jobs and the other say she was taking photos at this dance studio for small children.

I opted to stay outside but a funny thing happened as I waited outside for her.. I got really aware that my mo-hat combo looks dodgy enough, let alone standing outside a dance studio for small children.. I was sure that some concerned parent would be soon asking if I needed any help with anything, who I was waiting for and what was I doing there! But it was all in my head – well, no one asked me anyway. 

Around town has become a showroom (or, dare I say.. Mo-room – I am running out of mo puns) for these man-made wonders – they are EVERYWHERE! It’s so good to see people getting into the spirit of this and I hope a lot of money and even more awareness has come from it all. 

I am currently sitting on a plane heading for Auckland then on to Wellington to play gigs with my band Audiac from Melbourne – looking forward to my band-mates look on their face when I stroll into the venue and can’t wait to proudly show this work of art off to people on the stage…

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