Movember 13 – Mobituary


In Mo years, my ‘Natural’ is a 16 year old teenager (each day = 1.25 years) which means it’s staying up late and sleeping in.. asking for the keys for the car in the weekend and locking the door to its room.

Jess HATES it.. it makes me look dodgy and dirty, especially when I wear my dodgy, dirty hat… one other byproduct of my Mo is my stubble.. which is like the skin of a shark! And on that note, I must thank Jess for being such a good sport in Movember – I don’t see the dirty wee thing, she has to look at it every time she looks at me! So thanks Jess :{D

JESS: Yes the stubble can be terrible but that dirty prickly mo is what gives me rashes wherever it touches for more than a moment. (sigh) Bring on the longer softer growth. It might look worse but it might save my skin. 

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Chopper Ramsay

Movember 1 – Movember 9, 2008

I sit here in a state of shock and disbelief. To have someone cut down before their motential could even be realised is hard to take, even for the manliest of men like myself.

I only knew Chopper Ramsey for a week or so, we didn’t know each other well, the occasional nod in the corridor or the wink at church but I knew he would be a goodie – even as early as Movember 5 he was showing signs of being a superstar – a real showpony. I don’t know where I was when I was told about 9/11 but I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard the news about Chopper – I was in the lounge and Jessica told me – I could not believe it.. so many questions… Why? When? WHY?
It turns out that it just got too hard to handle, the itch got to him, he had to go, there was no other option… I thought ‘if I only knew’ I could have helped him, told him to stick in there mate, you will get used to it… it will grow on you.
But alas, it’s done, gone.