Mov 17 – Know your Bros


Half-way there! I must say that I am looking forward to the end of the month and growing my bushy beard back again and not giving Jess stubble rash or having my face sticking to things like velcro. 

I am getting a few funny looks from people now, my Mo is 21 in Mo years and is almost in it’s prime.. from the 20th onwards it will be in the prime of it’s life, considering the Movember mo has a life expectancy of 37.5 years, my mo will retire on Movember 25th to live out it’s remaining days in the sun. 

It’s a funny thing, my Mo.. it looks like a tabby cat (but without the tail, paws, claws, eyes, ears, purr and meow) with specks of ginger, blonde and brown all through it and it is lighter than the rest of my beard – I have never been able to grow an awesome mo, but that has never stopped me participating in this worthy cause, and speaking of worthy causes, I can’t think of two more worthy causes than the boys downstairs, lefty and righty….

From the Movember website:

[Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 18-35 years. The number of men diagnosed with testicular cancer has grown by approximately 34% over the past decade, but the reason for this is not known. The good news is testicular cancer is highly curable when found early and treated promptly.

Risk of testicular cancer
Males who may be at risk of testicular cancer include:
– those with uncorrected, undescended testicles as an infant or young child;
– those with a family history of testicular cancer;
– those with an identical twin with testicular cancer; and
– those who have had certain viral infections such as mumps.
What are the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer?
Testicular cancer may cause a variety of signs and symptoms, but may also have no symptoms.

Symptoms that men should watch for include:
– a small, painless lump in either testicle (the most common symptom);
– any enlargement of the testicle;
– a feeling of heaviness in the testicle or groin;
– a dull ache in the lower abdomen or in the groin;
– pain in the testicle or scrotum;
– a change in the way a testicle feels;
– enlargement or tenderness of male breasts or nipples; or
– blood in the semen.
All men between 18 and 35 should become familiar with the shape and feel of their testicles and perform regular self tests to detect abnormalities.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed you should see your doctor.]

So, know your bros, you probably spend a bit of time down there anyway so it’s not like it’s going out of your way, is it? Again, Movember is all about awareness and it is that awareness that could save you or your boys at the end of the day.

MOver and out