Motatapu awesome foursome


Rising Christchurch muso Andrew Keoghan makes an emotional double debut in the Wakatipu on Saturday. 

The singer-songwriter will take to the stage in Arrowtown after the Motatapu race event to blast out a set of his own songs, and also appear as a guitarist for Kiwi indie-folk star Flip Grater. 

Keoghan is these days based in Auckland – but he can’t wait to join fellow Christchurch acts including Grater, Julia Deans from Fur Patrol and The Unfaithful Ways for a free quake fundraiser at Arrowtown’s Butlers Green. 

“It’s going to be an awesome day,” Keoghan says. 

“It’ll be nice to be able to contribute something, even if we are just giving people coming to the Motatapu from Christchurch some relief for an afternoon.” 

Keoghan – a former TV presenter and younger brother of The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan – is on the verge of launching his first album Arctic Tales Divide. 

But already he’s had to make a few changes to his Arctic-themed stage show after getting his bearings mixed up. 

“I tried it all out at a gig at Christmas but my dad pointed out a few mistakes I’d made with the set design,” 
Keoghan explains. 

“I had some toy penguins included as props but my father informed me that there aren’t any penguins at the Arctic – they are Antarctic creatures, so they had to go. 

“I’ve had to make a few other adjustments to include some more appropriate wildlife.” 

Keoghan hits the road this month for a New Zealand tour to promote his album – but one gig in his old home city of Christchurch has been scrapped because of the devastating earthquake. 

“I was booked to play the old Harbour Light Theatre in Lyttelton with my band but I believe it has now been closed for good,” he says. 

“It’s very sad because it was an iconic venue.” 

Following his NZ dates, Keoghan – who’ll be joined at his Arrowtown performance by Ben King, formerly of Golden Horse – plans to head to Europe for a string of concerts.

See Andrew Keoghan – along with Flip Grater, Julia Deans and The Unfaithful Ways – at the Motatapu quake gig in Arrowtown on Saturday from 4-8pm