Mojo’s back


Queenstown has its Mojo back.

The covers collective returns to gigging in the town on Monday with their old spot at The Find.

Singer Pearly McGrath says it’s about a year since the accomplished act rocked the resort’s downtown venues.

And they now have uber-talented Queenstown musician Ned Web ster on drums.

“It’s really awesome because it’s fun again,” McGrath says.

“Things can get a little stale but having Ned, who’s such a cool local legend, and everyone keen to go forward is exciting.

“We’ve had a full season of weddings and functions but it’s been a long time since we’ve played The Find.

“It’s part of our process of getting back out there, and getting better.”

Multi-instrumentalist Derek Smith has also joined the band - he’ll cover Shay Muddle’s bass duties when the founder heads to Auckland in June.

Pol Nicholson remains on guitar, and Rachael Kennedy on keys.

Together they play a range of modern and classic rock and pop, from Stevie Wonder to Katy Perry.

All the band appear in various other incarnations, duos, trios and other bands gigging around town.

For McGrath, her regular gig is with Muddle on Wednesdays at Red Rock.

“We play acoustic covers of a massive range of styles of music from Rihanna to Neil Young - a really random mix,” she says.

The songstress says she’s unsure whether Mojo will ever record originals, but its musicians all work on things individually.

“I’m a little behind the likes of Pol and Derek but I’m tentatively doing it, I’ve just not pushed it yet.

“I hear it in my head, and can do the feel of a song, but because I don’t do the instrumentation it’s harder to get it out there.”

Mojo play The Find this Monday, 9pm.