Moa giving it everything


Queenstown-bound Kiwi singer and songwriter Anika Moa is busier than ever – and not just because of her new twin babies. 

Moa is managing other musicians, getting friends to do covers versions of all her songs, and has been part-organising the past couple of months’ Summer Series concerts at Queens­town’s The Winehouse where she plays this Sunday. 

To top it off, when she picks up the phone on Monday morning for a chat, she’s mid-recording session and has to rush upstairs for some quiet. 

The Auckland-based musician, with four critically-acclaimed albums to her credit so far, says she’s got a new band with ex-Fur Patrol singer/guitarist Julia Deans and Anna Coddington – and they’re putting together an EP. 

Moa says she’s also keen on getting around to a new album of her own. 

But with her and partner burlesque dancer Azaria Universe now parents to eight-month-old twin boys Barry and Taane, there’s not much time left over for writing new material. 

“I’ve got to write the bloody songs first,” she laughs. 

“I can’t write songs any more because there’s no time for it but I’ll get in there and take a couple of weeks off and focus on that in a couple of months’ time.” 

In November, she released a covers version of her 2010 album Love in Motion done by friends– it features Deans and Cairo Knife Fight, among others. 

Moa plans to do the same for her other three albums and says In Swings the Tide is next. 

“I came up with the concept because I’m egotistical. It took about four months to get everyone to do Love in Motion – they just did it in their own houses, there was no money exchanged – and it was my sentiment. 

“I just thought of it last year and put it to work because I like working with people and it’s nice for your friends to interpret your songs,” Moa says. 

“When you hear your song interpreted you kind of just go ‘Yep, that’s meant to be’. I know my friends so well so you half expect it.” 

As for the upcoming Queenstown show, Moa says she might play a couple of new songs plus a mix from her albums. 

“But I never really know. I always kind of wing it on the day, depending on how I feel and depending on what the audience is like. If they are a nice audience, I’ll give them everything.” 

Catch Anika Moa, supported by Hanna Harding, at The Winehouse this Sunday. Music starts from 5pm. Tickets are $45