Moa evolves as a musician


Singer-songwriter Anika Moa says she’s a typical representation of her star sign.

As a Gemini, her music has no clear structure and this affects her creativity. There is no set model, she says.

Some days she will concentrate on sound, others she’ll focus on lyrics or a mix of the two – it simply depends on her mood. She describes herself as chameleon-like.

Speaking to Mountain Scene from her car ‘in the middle of nowhere’ – due to limited cell phone coverage – she’s excited about her upcoming Queenstown gig.

She reckons touring is a mixed bag and you never know what to expect.

“Some tours sell out, some you can only have 12 people. It always depends on the mood of the audience or the album you have released. All these things impact the atmosphere in the room. I love getting up on stage with my guitar. That’s how I started and it feels like me.”

For her latest album Queen at the Table she has evolved as a musician and spent a lot of time in the studio editing sound and vocals. It’s a different vibe with the introduction of electronic elements – a move away from her traditional acoustic guitar.

While her tour will include new album material it will also focus on older tunes and include a few covers.

“I don’t want it to be too wild and crazy. Most of all there will lots of banter between my songs. It’ll be witty and funny.”

She’s joined on stage by guitarist Jol Mulholland. The set will be very interactive, she says, and will likely include having fans on stage, if they’re up for it.

Aside from touring, the mum-of-three is also working on her second baby album. Inspired by her twin boys and her 11-month-old baby she was overwhelmed by the success of Songs for Bubbas – her first kiddies album.

“It’s been quite popular. A lot of mothers need good baby music to entertain their children and help put them to sleep – there isn’t much available in New Zealand.”

Of course she hopes her Queenstown gig won’t leave punters sleeping on their seats. She’s excited about the show and says she can’t wait to meet “new fun humans”.

Catch Anika Moa at The Sherwood next Thursday, 10th September, 9pm. Tickets $30. R18