Matt Langley


The writers of the latest chapter in the story of Dunedin music are banding together to celebrate their work.

The Pages From Dunedin tour hits Revolver on Tuesday night with singer-songwriters Matt Langley, Hana Fahy and Casey Sharpe joining duo The Paper Planes to provide a taste of what to expect from a soon-to-be-released album of live performances by 17 Dunedin acts.

On The Horizon – Pages From Dunedin is the brainchild of promoter-musician Alastair Burns, who compiled the recordings from various open mic nights and concerts between May 2007-March 2009.

Tuesday’s gig will follow a guitar-pool format designed to bring some “conversation and laughter” to the stage, Langley says. He lives in Wellington but spent his formative musical years in Dunedin with bands The Fold and George Street Patsys.

“Basically, the four touring acts will be onstage together for the whole show,” Langley adds. “The songs will rotate from artist to artist.

“We’re hoping that some spontaneous collaboration will happen – someone might know the chords to someone else’s song or know where to add some backing vocals.”

The tour launches on Sunday at Dunedin’s Regent Theatre and takes in 12 other New Zealand venues before returning to Port Chalmers for a wind-up gig.

The shows will highlight a wide range of writing styles as well as giving him a chance to tweak his own tunes, Langley says.

“I get to hang out with my songs for a bit and as soon as I take them to the band or elsewhere they start changing.

Other people’s input comes in and it creates more change – and it’s exciting.”

Langley has further recording sessions lined up for July, when he’ll start work on a full-length album to follow up 2007 EP Lost Companions.

An online release of acoustic demos with Wellington bandmate Dylan Galletly is also on the cards “within the next month or two”.

For now, he’s just looking forward to stepping out with his Dunedin mates.

“There’s a definite original approach to songwriting from each and every person. We’ve got a very broad spectrum of really cool stuff.” 

Catch the Pages From Dunedin tour featuring Matt Langley, The Paper Planes, Hana Fahy and Casey Sharpe at Revolver on Tuesday from 9pm