Mashing the fresh and faves


A mashed-up mix of fresh and favourite tunes is the secret to filling a Queens­town dance floor. 

So says The World Bar resident DJ Stubacca – he’s used that formula to satisfy the melting pot of tourists and locals for more than five years. 

Mashed is his weekly Saturday night offering at the Shotover Street nightclub, often with guest DJs. 

“We cover all aspects of music,” Stubacca says. 

“It’s being able to mash together all those old songs people really love with the new stuff, adding a hip hop beat to, you know like The Cure, just making it really exciting and different.” 

Hailing from Milton Keynes, the 30-year-old has been behind a set of decks since he was 12, progressing from beloved Technics to The World Bar’s digital CDJs. 

Stubacca has a collection of 4500 records back in the UK but now downloads all his music, keeping ahead of the Queenstown music scene listening to UK radio programmes and Soundcloud. 

“It’s difficult to be before the music here because you can’t get hold of the promos as easily as in the UK. 

“But I find Queenstown can get a little behind in the music, a little lost, so you don’t want to be too far ahead or you can alienate people if they don’t know what you’re playing.” 

One of Queenstown’s residents who “didn’t really intend to stay very long”, DJ Stubacca progressed from working for NZSki, to DJing on the skifield, then Revolver and finally World. 

Since then he’s supported some of the best names in the business as they’ve visited – from Goldie, Scratch Perverts and Hilltop Hoods to up-and-comers like Sampology and Raiza Biza. 

“He was fantastic and Sampology is coming back. I’d say he’s one of the best DJs we’ve had, as an artist, as a skilled DJ – both definitely ones to look out for in the future. 

“DJ Yoda and Scratch Perverts I appreciated for many years, idolised them really as a young DJ, so it was really cool to have the opportunity to support them.”

Catch Mashed on Saturdays or Stu’s Monster Jams on various nights of the week all winter long from 10pm