Mash-up street band jets in


Street musicians from across the globe have arrived in Queenstown to play WinterFest.

Having won an online music comp, six musicians will perform as the ultimate street band at the American Express-sponsored event.

After a cold and choppy jetboat ride, Belgian Toby Jacobs was feeling a wee bit queasy - and had to speak to Mountain Scene from a horizontal position.

He says it’s been an amazing experience - but admits he’s nervous about playing something as big as WinterFest Opening Night.

“As performers it’s great - because we can bring all our styles together. But yeah, in front of that many people could be a bit scary.”

He will be joined on stage by American Andrew Fisher who says rehearsals have been great fun - with each artist bringing a different genre to the mix.

“It’s going to be a great gig and the sound will be cool. It’ll be one big mash-up - our jamming sessions have been great.”

Other band members include Borja Catanesi from Spain, Wojtek Gasiorowski from Poland, Gustavo Ruedas from Colombia and Katie Ferrara from America. They will perform at tomorrow night’s opening party.