Lovegrove will have you in stitches


If Brendhan Lovegrove wasn’t funny he’d be a lawyer – or if he could sing he’d be in a band. 

Luckily, for comedy lovers, an aversion to authority and a so-far unrecognised musical ability frees up Lovegrove’s time to be one of New Zealand’s top comedians. 

A long-term fixture on the national comedy scene, Lovegrove reckons the key to longevity is to constantly reinvent yourself. 

“I’m a big David Bowie fan and he’s constantly doing that. The first way to reinvent yourself is coming back with a brand new show as much as you possibly can,” he says. 

After around 10 shows in Queenstown, Lovegrove says new material always goes down well here. 

“I have a real affinity with the locals. 

“I know this sounds really weird when you’re about to come to a place and it sounds like you’re not telling the truth but I am. I always find the crowd really different in Queenstown and really up for it.” 

Considering he claims he once found the resort very “conservative”, that’s big praise. 

“I used to be quite judgemental but now I’m like, you know what? This is the country I live in – I love it.” 

Lovegrove still finds ways to make fun of each place he performs, however, and Queenstown isn’t immune. 

“You can make fun of elements of Queenstown … it usually involves people jumping out of planes, off cliffs, that sort of thing.” 

Catch Brendhan Lovegrove and fellow comics Cohen Holloway and Tarun Mohanbhai at SkyCity Queenstown Casino from 9pm Saturday