Letting the music do the talking


Queenstown indie rockers Eddie Ledderhead have a new line-up and a new EP in the bag. 

Irish singer and guitarist ‘Electric’ Emmet McCarthy still fronts the energetic three-piece, now backed by Japanese bassist Masa ‘Attack’ Hattori and Scottish drummer ‘Killer’ Cirian Richter. 

McCarthy says: “Masa doesn’t say much but does all of his talking with his bass, which is good. 

“Drummer Cirian is only 19 but he’s pretty on the ball as well.” 

The band – known around the town for favouring self-penned songs over the usual collection of murdered covers – has put down six tracks for the EP. 

“First we recorded a whole set live and then went back and overdubbed the guitars and vocals and stuff,” McCarthy says. 

“It took about 10 hours to lay down six tracks, so a pretty quick process, but a lot of practice and preparation went into that. We jammed every night for about 10 days just to get it sounding really good and really tight.” 

The EP – The Lone Bush – also includes a recital of a WB Yeats poem to music as an introduction. 

The unsigned band, whose name is a twisted version of famous Irish folkteller Eddie Lenihan, launches the EP this Sunday afternoon at Red Rock, backed by Electro act Panther Claw. 

“It’s a collection of songs, stories of people, places and experiences, and it has a nice high-energy sound and a ballad or two thrown in for good measure. 

“That’s the thing about Queenstown – there are not many bands that actually do original music, so it’s good to be part of something that’s actually original and fresh.”

Catch Eddie Ledderhead and Panther Claw at Red Rock this Sunday from 4pm