Last hurrah for deep house lover


An upcoming Queenstown gig will be the last chance to hear Auckland’s DJ Philippa for a long while. 

Unless you’re off to Berlin – she’s heading there in July. 

DJ Philippa, who plays at Bunker tomorrow night, says the style of deep house she plays is rare in New Zealand but huge in Germany. 

“It’s incredibly under-represented in NZ. I feel I’m moving in ever-decreasing circles and the sound I like is absolutely massive in Europe so it doesn’t make sense to stay, as much as I love it here.” 

DJ Philippa will also depart a role as tutor at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand where she teaches the DJ and Electronic Music Production Programme. 

The Auckland-based DJ, who’s been a familiar face at Debajo during her 16 years spinning tunes, promises a set of her favourite stuff at Bunker, including everything from nu disco and indie dance to experimental house grooves and jakin’ tech. 

“It’ll be mellow, more song-based, danceable and loads of fun.” 

Catch DJ Philippa at Bunker with DJ Ribera tomorrow from 8pm