Last blast at the Dux


Queenstown bands will bid a heavy-hearted farewell to live music venue Dux de Lux this Saturday. 

The Church Street bar closes later this month and will re-open as an Italian restaurant in December. 

Dux is the third live music venue to close in recent years, with Revolver and Subculture both shutting their doors. 

For many indie Queens­town, Invercargill and Dunedin bands, Dux was a home away from home. 

Drummer Jeremy Wynyard has gigged there with three different bands – Ghettoblaster, Mince on Toast and Jahfire. 

“We’re pretty sad to see it go,” Wynyard says. “When I first came into town it was the first place we played.
“I’ve played there loads, gigging almost every month since the end of 2010. 

“Revolver’s gone, Subculture’s gone, now this one as well. I’m not quite sure why. Is it money? Most venues suffer over shoulder season and feel the pinch. 

“With Dux it’s mainly indie bands that go there and that’s what Queenstown’s going to miss out on, all those indie rock bands, the likes of Alizarin Lizard from Dunedin, Silly Drunken Bastards from Invercargill and Chaos from Christ­church. 

“It takes away Queenstown as a place to tour.” 

This Saturday, local bands will gig at Dux from 4pm to late, with a bill featuring Peti Crime, Calico, A.n.D, Nick F, Benjammin, DJ Pops, Tim & Dave, Two Buck Titties, Mince on Toast, Ghetto­blaster and Bass System. 

“This week will be the big one,” Wynyard says. 

“Lots of local bands will play throughout the evening and we’ll have a big bass, drum and DJ collaboration at the end. 

“Dux had it all, the set up for live bands. World Bar has picked up where Revolver left off but for indie bands the venue now will be Red Rock.”

Catch the Dux de Lux’s finale gig night on Saturday from 4pm at the Church Street venue. Admission is free