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Promiscuous Polly joins the Queenstown cast list

It’s said the only thing worse than people talking behind your back, is having no-one talk about you at all. So, if you have anything juicy to tell, dahlings, pull up a chair and come sit next to me…

High jinx minx
A new addition to my growing list of playable characters is one we shall call Miss Promiscuous Polly. This naughty little minx was spied entering a Queenstown motel with one of her trinket-boys last weekend and with her gaming face definitely on.

After at least one noise complaint and several strange visits to the vending machine, she eventually emerged from her lair not only partner-less, but minus her shoes as well. Tut-tut.

Holiday hiccup
How disappointing… a Queenstown role model has been caught for drink driving while holidaying out of town. The clever little tyke tried to keep it on the down low, but unfortunately, a loud-mouthed gossiper happened to be on the scene at the time.

But will the now sobered-up individual manage to keep their position as a looked-up-to Queenstowner? Let’s keep watching.

Less than Private Practice
I hear that Chris Lowell, star of Veronica Mars and Private Practice, could soon be hitting the streets of Queenstown to enjoy a bit of back-to-nature time. Mothers, lock up your daughters because the self proclaimed “hopeless romantic” could be on the prowl…

So, until next time gossip fans…xx.