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Fights, frolicking and the famous

Hi again gossip fans.

I’ve been taking to the life of luxury this week, floating around a few hotels and spas, dipping my toes in a few niceties. But, alas, no matter where I go, gossip hunts me down.

Sip and dip…
It seems a little bit of controversy graces one of Queenstown’s best hotels. A charming lass decided she really deserved a little more compensation than she was getting from the powers that be and took matters into her own hands. Now I’m not one to turn down a dollar if it’s offered to me, but sticking your hand in the till is a bit old fashioned, don’t you think, sweetheart?

…and skinny dipping
I hear a local couple were getting back to nature last week, taking a swim without the hassle of pulling on bathing trunks. Sources tell me the couple ventured to what they thought were deserted beaches towards Kingston and began to get a little frisky. I say good on them, nice to see some other oldies showing those youngsters how it’s really done. And the water was a bit chilly, from all accounts.

Queenstown Idol
A Queenstown youngster will be leaving our humble abode after an invitation to pursue a musical career. But not just any career. The younger has been asked to join an American band to replace their lead singer. I’m not allowed to say who or where, but keep watching the music channels on TV for a familiar face.

Until next week, keep smiling, keep dancing, and don’t forget to chat among yourselves.

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