Kiwi rockers walk the walk


Top Kiwi rockers Steriogram will warm up for New Zealand’s biggest rock fest by giving their Queenstown fans a sneak preview of their skull-crunching set. 

The five-strong band plays for tens of thousands of fans at the Big Day Out in Auckland on Friday week, alongside international names like Iggy Pop, Tool and Primal Scream. 

But Steriogram guitarist/singer Brad Carter insists he’ll be just as happy blasting out tracks in front of a few hundred punters at Queenstown’s Revolver tomorrow. 

“We are doing the Big Day Out for the fourth time, which should be good,” Carter says. 

“But we are also gigging in the holiday towns around the country. 

“The holiday resorts like Queenstown are great to play because a lot of the people from the cities are there anyway during the summer.” 

The band – famous for hit singles like Walkie Talkie Man and Go – are back on home soil to plug their third album Taping the Radio. 

These days, it isn’t all that easy to get all the Steriogram members in one place as only drummer Jared Wrennall and guitarist Tim Youngson still live in Auckland. 

Carter is now based in Los Angeles, while frontman Tyson Kennedy and bassist Jake Adams have put down roots in New York. 

“Having band members scattered all over the place isn’t a problem for us,” Carter says. 

“When we do meet up it’s just like a big family reunion.

“We have had the same lineup since we started 12 years ago so something must be working.” 

As well as promoting the new album, Carter says the band is awaiting the release of a fun film documentary Life and Death of Steriogram that’s due to hit arthouse cinemas in NZ later in the year. 

And he insists Steriogram will be around for a long time yet. 

“Compared to some bands I suppose we are lucky that nothing really bad has happened to us, so there hasn’t been anything that’s made us want to split up or just not do this anymore. 

“We are still doing what we love and I suppose it doesn’t get any better than that.”