Kids are covered


The Kawarau Falls Station Pavilion has been the venue for two outstanding kid’s shows programmed as part of the American Express Queenstown Winter Festival 2008

On Sunday June 29, Sticky TV the popular kids afternoon television program presented a live version of their show for a packed crowd of kids aged from 4 to fourteen.

There was live music, dancing demonstrations, whacky challenges that involved pavlovas and pickled onions as well as makeovers for 4 lucky audience members.

It was non-stop action and entertainment with the kids really participating and enjoying every moment of the show. The presenters Drew Neemia, Sam Wallace and Erin Simpson were extremely generous and made the kids feel special by making the time to talk and interact, signing caps and photographs as mementoes.

Next on the program was the Teddy Bears Picnic on Monday June 30 at 10am. This show targeted a very different age group, with a cavalcade of prams parked at the front door of the Pavilion to prove it.

Mums, Dads and kids were treated to a light-hearted fun filled morning of storytelling, face painting as well as some high energy dancing and judging by the looks on the kids faces this event was definitely a hit.