Keeping the dream live


Alternative rock band Two Buck Titties is fight­ing to keep Queens­town’s original music scene alive. 

The Wakatipu four-piece play two gigs this weekend with Auckland band Freaky Meat, as they look to establish new venues after last week’s closure of Church Street bar Dux De Lux. 

The band of talented multi-instrumentalists, which formed in November last year, play Red Rock tomorrow night and Cow Lane nightclub Debajo on Saturday. 

Vocalist Dan Ashbolt: “We’re trying to open up the door again to original music and create a demand for it in Queenstown. Places to gig are getting scarce though. People seem to have fallen back on the covers.” 

Ashbolt, 32, with Chris Dickson on guitar, Joel Rowlands on drums and Ricky Good on bass, played at Dux’s farewell gig last Saturday night – one of about 30 shows they’ve played in the resort in the past year. 

“We’re influenced by alternative rock music,” Ashbolt says. “I guess that’s more or less our sound. 

“It’s a very collaborative band – we’ve had an equal input when it comes to the sum of our music. We’re all multi-instrumentalists, we all end up swapping round a lot and helping with the arrangement, structure and ideas. 

“It has the potential of getting on each other’s nerves but at the end of the day we’re all in the positions we respect in each other the most,” he says. 

Two Buck Titties intends to put out an EP towards the end of this year. Freaky Meat are from the remnants of signed band The Tutts. 

“People can expect to see something completely original. Definitely some energy and individuality expressed with fierceness and passion.”

Catch Two Buck Titties and Freaky Meat at Red Rock tomorrow and Debajo on Saturday. Free admission